Thursday, October 21, 2010

colours for autumn and winter 2010/2011

Wow, the first post!
I'm slightly cheating as I have already posted this on another blog of mine.. but I'm still enjoying these boards so why not share:)

I loved creating these. They are up on my studio wall reminding me to be inspired by COLOUR and colour combinations!

homespun, quietly rustic, warm, textiles are subtle, folk style prints
visuals: baskets, coloured glass, type, handwriting, milk bottles, jars, wood, industrial, plaid and check

bright, quirky, illustrative, humorous, block colours, hand drawn, make-do-and mend aesthetic, mix of patterns, innovative, bold, optimism
visuals: bold graphics and vivid palette, combinations, functional ceramics, playful and bright human aesthetic, conversational and graffiti inspired prints

emotional connection, timeless, craft and elegance combined, all over patterns and placement prints, atmospheric and decorative, vintage and antique elements, abundance of contrasting textiles
visuals: degas, floral, lace, japanese antiques, gilt frames, venice

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